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Rabbi's Picture “The Mother of All Scrapbooks”

For so many families scrapbooks have been the way to record the intimate and treasured details of their daily lives.

Pictures, articles, clippings have been lovingly gathered together and carefully pasted, glued and taped onto page after page accumulating an enduring legacy of life.

These scrapbooks have functioned as miniature museums, libraries, archives, holding the bits and pieces of personal reflections and memories.

How wonderful it is, therefore, that Temple B’nai Israel and its devoted member, Dr. Hank Koren, have been the moving forces in creating the mother of all scrapbooks - a documentary testament of the Jewish community of Pinellas County, and this community’s relationship with Hillsborough County and the entire State of Florida.

Dr. Koren anticipates our text to number 600 pages when it is completed, and he encourages you to share with him your scrapbook documents for possible inclusion in the final copy.

In addition to the detailed historical narrative, there will be a Family Album Section, and each one of you can be included in this endeavor. Every family of Temple B’nai Israel will have the opportunity to obtain an entire page of this book to preserve pictorially with an explanatory caption its identity as part of the Jewish community.

The same offer is being extended to the other congregations of Pinellas County, as well, and I am sure their Rabbis are communicating this exciting news to them.

We are very enthusiastic about the benefits that will result from the successful completion of this effort. It will be a model that other Jewish communities will be able to replicate for themselves in preserving their stories.

Looking West - The Jewish Community of Pinellas County, Florida 1883-2003, will not only be a portal into the past, detailing historical events and the social history of Jewish life so that we can understand it better, but will also influence the future by enabling those families who come after us to know and understand where they came from.

We encourage you to be a part of this endeavor by making your Pinellas County story available to us, and becoming a part of the Family Album.

Rabbi Arthur I. Baseman, D.D.


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